U2 POPmartians from Baltimore

kkocheva ([email protected])
Thu, 9 Jul 1998 19:31:07 -0400

Hey!! I am searching for a group of people I met at the New York,
Philadelphia, Tampa, Jacksonville and Miami Popmart shows this past year.
I am curious as hell to know who you are, being that we never exchanged
names or anything of the sort at the time. Being even more specific, the 4
guys with the Bono glasses and the "Adam Baby" poster next to the B-stage
all those times. I was amazed in the fact itself that way down in Florida
I met you guys from my hometown. I am almost positive you are Wirelings.
Please respond to me if you might be "these" U2ers. I am one of the 2
blonde girls who stood next to you guys at all the shows, the ones with the
passes who did NOT get pulled up on stage by Bono!! (and I'm still crying
about it..well....not literally).

If you think I am referring to you or you know who you are, please e-mail
me. I would LOVE to hear from you. Thanks!!!!!

Drowning Girl....or just plain Kris if you'd like

"hold on, hold on tightly, to this love..."

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