U2 song suggestions for student film

Joseph Swanson ([email protected])
Thu, 09 Jul 1998 17:04:12 PDT

Hi Wireland,

I'm making a film for a film class, and I would like to use a U2 song in
the background, or better yet use a voice-over of lyrics from a U2 song.
(as it's a student, NONcommercial film, copyrights and that stuff don't
matter.) I have an idea of what song I might want to use, but I want to
get opinions from the vast U2-fanatic community first, 'cause you never
know when someone can turn you on to an idea you never woulda thought of

Here's the basic story: a man is stabbed and left bleeding in an alley.
Like the classic "good samaritan" story, a cast of various characters
pass by him and react in different ways, but none of them help him.
Finally, a man comes by and takes the dying man's wallet. This theif
goes home and empties out the man's wallet; he spreads the man's wallet
photos out on a table, and we (the audience) see that there are pictures
of each of the people who passed up the dying man on the street.
The theme of the piece has to do with destiny and the mosaiac of people
we encounter in life, and how we cannot rely on these other people to
save or redeem us. Anyway, it's deeper than that but that's all i can
really explain in a short message.

Any suggestions for a U2 song (or lyric) that compliments these images
and story? Please email me your suggestions; I'd greatly appreciate it.
Thanks a bunch.


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