Re: Boots for fans at reasonable prices...

robert ([email protected])
Fri, 10 Jul 1998 01:15:30 -0700

it's good to see that we can try selling/trading boots enjoyable for
everyone. i'm sure most of you remember the pain(especially in the
wallet) that you had to endure when first starting out in
bootland(ouch!!!!!$$$$$). isn't this the "two wrongs don't make a
right" theory that we are getting to?? some of us think "why shouldn't
the newbies have to pay as much as we did??". do we have the license to
say "well, i got screwed because i really wanted that boot, so i'm gonna
screw the next guy. why not make it easier for the newbie collectors??
it couldn't hurt that reality, i get the most joy out of
hearing from someone who is satisfied with my boot product. it may not
take alot of physical labor to put a cdr together, but the time it takes
more than makes up for this. when all is said and done, you walk away
with a smile on your face because you made someones day by sharing your
collection....isn't it what it's all about????

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