Somebody covered U2

Bono ([email protected])
Fri, 10 Jul 1998 03:34:10 -0500

Hey WIRE! Yeah you, pay attention!

        Now listen up, I have a story to tell.

        First off, I'd have to apologize because I have not read the
list in roughly a week. I've had a lot to deal with. Anyway, here I am
in this small town in North Dakota attending school in a town called
Grand Forks (yeah, you never heard of it... great, me neither). I went
to this comedy club here (I don't know why because this entire town is
one big comedy) and happened to hit the bar next door afterwards because
they had live music. I get in this place and there is some dude with an
acoustic guitar plugged into an amp singing (I had some serious thoughts
about beating the guy down and stealing his guitar but I stopped myself
and said, "Wait, that's wrong."). Anyway, (forgive me, it's 3 AM and I
still have a sweet buzz from tonight) I'm sitting there with my
friends and all of a sudden I hear, "Is it getting better..." so I sing,
"Or do you feel the same." I had to stop for a while and think about
what was going on, because I was in an alcoholism state of mind of
course. I look up and this guy is covering "One". It was pretty cool.
Needless to say, I freaked out over the song. When he was done, (he did
a marvelous job of covering the song by the way) I started yelling,
"Angel of Harlem!" Being a small bar he heard my and looked over and
said, "Huh?". So I yelled again, "Angel of Harlem, it's easy, only two
chords!" So he started saying something that I couldn't understand and
then I heard, "...A U2 fan or what?". So I screamed, "YEAH!!!!", being
the loud drunk that I am. Lord knows I can't remember the rest of the
yelling between me and the guitar dude, but I went back to B.S.sing with
my friends when I heard, "You're dangerous, cause you're honest..." It
was totally cool. He played two U2 songs back to back all because of me
yelling at him to play Angel of Harlem. After he was done he pointed
right at me and I just gave him a thumbs up and pointed right back.

Well, that's it, I figured I'd tell this story on WIRE so it can be
archived forever because it was truely a U2 moment when I least expected
it. Oh, after the bar was he was done and the bar was closing he walked
by and shook my hand and said, "I thought about playing another U2 song
but I thought it might have been playing favorites." He was cool and
for some reason I think he's a huge U2 fan.

Thanks for listening while I shared my story.

*POP for Pilots*


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