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J ([email protected])
Sat, 11 Jul 1998 07:08:07 -0700 (PDT)

Is there any live version of the song where Bono sings the last verse
"and so we're tod this is the golden age/ and gold is the reason
forthe wars we wage" ? I find this a very clever line although I have
yet to hear it sang live.

Also, I love the rap/talking part in Trying To Throw Your Arms Around
the World when Bono goes "I dream that I saw Dali..." When played
live during the early part of ZOO TV, Bono sings that part instead of
"rapping" it and during the latter part of ZOO TV, that verse is
omitted altogether. I love the way it was rapped in the album version.

Another of my favorite lines that I have yet to hear live is the part
in "A Sort OF Homecaoming" where Bono wails, "See the sky above the
rain/ she will die and live again /Toniiiiiiiggghhht" (I may have
gotten that line wrong but the lyrics kinda sound like that.

Anyone got more lists of lines or verses they omit during songs played
live? (I'd have to confess that U2 normally adds lines and verses
such as in the live versions of WOWY, One, and Last Night On Earth).
Laslty, maybe in the examples I gave I could have been wrong, maybe U2
did sing some of the "missed" lines during some of their other shows.

Hoping this will start a new thread...




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