bono singin´in argentine human rights record

MARIO ([email protected])
Sat, 11 Jul 1998 00:45:09 -0300

Hi everybody
The "madres de plaza de mayo " are a human rights association born because
of the dissappeared.They are the mothers of the dissapeared in the years
between 1976-1982
here in argentina,during the tirany of the army.Those women fight like no
other organisation against the dictators,and against the easy politicians
all these years,so much that they are consider the most respected
organisation of all in the country.
They have made a big concert celebrating her twenty years in the fight with
some of the most popular rock bands from here and made also a record.In the
record ...................yes ladies !!!!!! Bono sings (a capella ) mother
of the dissappeared in a terrific version,aabsolutely sensible and
Really good .
that´s all from the deep south

La sed de la cancion
se calma entre tu piel
                           Los Visitantes.

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