St. Louis Laser U2 Show

Angela Pancella ([email protected])
Sun, 12 Jul 1998 10:41:25 -0500

This was a lot of fun, thanks Jessica for organizing this Wire gathering.
I highly recommend going to a U2 laser show if one comes to your area--I
know it plays all over. Whoever put it together knew a few U2 in-jokes,
like when Mysterious Ways came on I said to my friend, "I hope they have a
bellydancer" and they did, and of course in Discotheque they had the little
Boom-cha! dance. Everybody cheered for tha one!
One complaint I had (and I mentioned this to Jessica and Aaron) was that
although they included quite a few songs off Pop (a good thing), they
shortened them drastically (a bad thing). They just used the intro from
Mofo, which was such a shame because we all got psyched about how that song
would translate in laser lights. They cut right from it to Streets. And
you know what? Mofo sounds better in a big auditorium like that because it
has more of a bass kick. Streets sounds tinny in contrast. The difference
is incredible--they just shouldn't have pit one against the other; it made
Streets sound lame, which should never ever happen. :(
Dream duets--Bono and Bowie. Oh yes yes yes...

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