room project

Violeta Garcia-Mendoza ([email protected])
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 01:12:31 -0400

    I just found out that we'll be adding a third floor to our house
that's gonna be in studio appartment fashion and it's gonna be all
mine. Really, I'm not as spoiled as I sound. But I'll be going to
college around here (Pittsburgh) so instead of living at a dorm, I get
to stay at home and have an appartment! Not bad, in my opinion.
    We'll be doing the project next summer, beginning in about May or so
(final exam time) and it should be done by when I go into 11th grade.
My question can I decorate it??????
    My friends and I are gonna go over to Pier 1 sometime soon and look
at furniture. I want it to look cool, but not be so trendy that it's
outdated in a year. Also, since there won't be any walls, the room
decour has to run into the others. I want to have it be definetly U2
related, but I can't use the poster idea, cause the ceiling is gonna
have to be all skylights.
    So if you have any ideas, or know of anywhere to get such
furniture/etc. let me know privately. I'd also appreciate any other
suggestions, even if they're non-U2 related.
    Thanks again.

-Violeta ([email protected]) (vgmsonnet on aol instant messenger)

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