jt vs popmart, to me its STILL about the music!

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Mon, 13 Jul 1998 03:55:42 EDT

 I haven't heard anyone here trash pre 1990 u2 shows,infact most of us love to
listen to them. but pray tell me how popmart was the anthesis of joshua tree.
I am a popmart convert who has been going "backwards" as many do, listening to
the live shows from boy to popmart...and to me it is STILL about the music. I
went to 2 u2 shows this past year, Dallas..where i had pretty lousy seats and
could really pay attention to the big "evil" screen you seem to abhor, and
close to stage tickets at San Antonio, where my eyes stayed on the stage, and
i really felt close to the band. emotional TOTALLY into the show, and it
wasn't the screen that made it that way.
     Joshua Tree shows sounded excellent to me, I wish i hadn't been 10 at
that time, but i was..and unfortunately bopping to debbie gibson:) but i have
compared boot recordings, and i actually like some of the popmart shows more.
WHether you prefer the jt era u2 is your business..but don't criticize or look
down on the younger fans. Most of us see in u2's music intellegence,
spirituality, creativity...all things that seem to be missing in the majority
of music today, ...and are probably the same qualities that you found great
when you first got into them.
    To end this rambling..I loved my popmart experience, it showed me there
could be more to rock music than nihilism, hopelessness and hate. I can truly
say that this band has introduced me to new views, and helped me find a
spritual and mental identity when i thought I had lost myself for good. I
believe thier music has changed my life..and I don't think a huge screen and
lemon had much to do with it.

will defend popmart and pop till the very end,

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