Re: jt vs popmart, to me its STILL about the music!

Lorilee Whittington ([email protected])
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 20:11:59 +0800

Its great to hear someone with a clear view about the music.

Age dosent determine how big a fan you are, nor how many rare vinyls or
different bootlegs you own, nor whether youve met the boys or whether
you havent. Its always about what the music does to you, how you can
seemingly always relate to the words of pain, anguish, love and lust
that U2 portray. Edge sang Sunday Bloody Sunday to my fourteen year old
sister at the Perth concert and she still got the point (evident from
the tears flowing down her cheek).

I loved Joshua Tree, ( Id have loved it more if I saw it live!), I loved
ZOO TV, infact I love everything theve done (well almost), but I
seriously doubt any concert, even a U2 concert will ever compare to
Popmart in Sydney. Believe me it wasnt about the screen or the lemon,
it was simply about the raw emotion from both the four guys on stage
playing the music and the intensity of the crowd...

Another Pop defender , and thanks for listening to my incessent

Lorilee *Cyren*

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