Hold Music--other ?'s

Ben ([email protected])
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 09:37:52 -0400 (EDT)

Well just wanted to say that I was on Dell's technical support this
morning and one of the songs they played while I was on hold was HMTMKMKM,
not too shabby eh? Don't think that has happened to me before, usually
the music is really lame...made my morning
On to other questions...
Who out there really likes the more hard edged (for lack of a better term)
U2 songs out there? Most people say their favorite songs are like Stay
and One and those, and I've even saw some least fav's mentioning Bullet
the Blue Sky...I wonder why...
Anybody who was at the 11/28/97 Popmart in Houston, do you remember Bono
playing a little or singing a little bit of MOTD at the beginning of
ISHFWILF...I listened to the boot, and he sings the last two lines before
he gives his usual speech...you can barely make out "innn the
rainnnfalll..." I heard it at the concert and wondered if anybody else
noticed this...
P.S. Favorite Pop Song=Tie between Gone and Do You Feel Loved (second tie
LNOE and Playboy Mansion)

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