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Sarah ([email protected])
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 13:40:21 -0700

> A little while ago there was a discussion on Bono's best hair do. What
> about the others? When did each of them have their best hair day? Now
> a vote for Larry circa 1998 is really a vote for Larry circa 1984, so
> he doesn't really count. Edge has really only had the 3 - short back
> and sides, ponytail with hat, and the current nothing there look (my
> personal favourite being the latter). However, the man who has really
> worn the hair in the band is, of course, one Adam Clayton, probably (I
> would guess) outnumbering Bono's different do's. So which, by general
> consencus (is thaat spellt write?), is Adam's best look? My vote goes
> for a reasonably conservative bleached white flat top kinda thing that
> he sports in a picture towards the end of B.P. Fallon's book 'Faraway,
> So Close'. In the picture, he is wearing a nice suit and sensible
> glasses, and is draped by that other requisite clothing accesory, a
> Super Model in the form of Naomi Campbell.

> Adrian

> P.S. France 3 - Brazil 0. I am happy today.

For sure, Adam is the man who's worn the most hairstyles in the past
years. Of course, there was the big bushy blonde hair that made Larry
notice how cool Adam looked when they were getting started. Then, like
you mentioned Adrian, the mohawk (sp.) from the ZooTV days. But in my
opion Adam sported his best ever hair style back in the late 80's. I
know, there was nothing special about it, but he just looks so sexy on
Rattle and Hum (but he has ALWAYS been sexy to me!).

Sarah - Adam Clayton's Secret Lover

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