Fernanda Magalh„es de Melo ([email protected])
Tue, 14 Jul 1998 20:37:10 -0300

           Hello all,
          As a brazillian, I must say some posts I've read lately realy
disapointed me. Sunday could have been a day of glory to Brazil but France
won the game. Congratulations to all French people! Many excuses had been
given, but none of them is going to change the sadness we feel.
         But this post is not about football. It is about respect. The
disrespect I felt reading the statement of a person, who didn't even
signed his name, saying that he HATED Brazil's team. I do not hate any team
of any nation, not even Argentina, Brazil's biggest rival.
         I believe everyone has the right to support their own team, the
way I supported mine. If U2 said they were going to support Brazil they
were just making clear what their choice was.
         People who say they hate our country's don't understand the
meaning of U2's message. There was almost 200 thousand people in U2's
concert in Brazil and a lot of friendship and human touch. No HATE!!!
          When you say you hate our team, you say you hate one of the
things we love the most: our football.
           Anyway, that is all I had to say. Once again CONGRATULATIONS to
P.S. Brazil is still four times world champiom. The biggest champiom of
the century...

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