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Mon, 13 Jul 1998 16:50:34 PDT

Prepare yourself. I haven't been on WIRE in a while, so I've got a
looooooong story for ya all....

First of all, my modem was never broken! Can you believe it? It was a
conspirecy (however the hell you spell it!). My mom hid it so I
couldn't get online and see that she was looking up a LIMOSINE website.

Second of all, many of you may think I've been 18. Actually... I was
rounding off. I just turned 18.

OK! Take a listen! When I woke up on the morning of my birthday (July
11), my mom surprised me with the movie RATTLE & HUM! WOOOOOOO HOO!
Then, we had to go to a wedding that afternoon. During the reception, I
was walkin' to the car to get somethin' when I saw a big ol' LIMO
waiting in front and all my family standing by it! NO WAY! WAY! It
was for ME! (I've never been in one before, so I nearly had a heart
attack.) A bunch of my friends jumped out of it and yelled, "SURPRISE!"
They were all dressed in disco clothes and they handed me an outfit to
change into. I wore a short white dress and white GO-GO BOOTS! Then,
we took off to the HARD ROCK CAFE!!! I opened presents on the way. My
friends all put their money together and got me EVERYTHING U2! I was
SOOOOOOOO EXCITED, I could have peed my pants...or shall I say
pantyhose! No, not really. Just kidding. AAAAAAnyway, they got me:
1.A bright pink boa (which BONO wore at Popmart when he sang Miami!),
2.Yellow lense BONO glasses, 3.The CD October (which I've only had on
tape), 4.A four pack of GUINESS, 5.A BONO poster of him dressed like
the FLY (yeah, baby!!!), 6.AND...A DISCO BALL!!! I've had a little
disco ball for a while, but I've always wanted a LARGER ONE! This is
one big mama! I'M STOKED! They even put all this stuff in a custom
made U2 bag! They copied pictures of all the band members and stuck
them on there, and decorated it with GLITTER and stuff. They even got a
picture of me makin' a kissy face and put it by BONO!

In the limo, we put my new Rattle & Hum video on, but the TV sound
sucked, so we kept it on, but muted it, and put on the Joshua Tree CD.
It was BITCHIN'!

THEN, we got to the Hard Rock Cafe in Los Angeles. My dinner seat was
DIRECTLY in front of TWO U2 things! (And my friends swear they didn't
plan this...) It was a big white U2 Unforgettable Fire World Peace
Flag, AUTOGRAPHED by Bono, Edge, Adam, and Larry, and there was also
this big ol' Achtung Baby thingy with a bunch of platnum records and
stuff. I stared at it the entire time I was munchin' on my food. I was
in heaven...

On the way home, we listened to more U2. =)

When we got home around midnight (that's where the day begins), we ate
my birthday cake. And... it was a LEMON cake! My mom didn't even
realize she got me a cake that tied into U2, too! WOW!
While my friend Hayley and I ate the cake, we hummed Lemon, reminising
about that glorious night at Popmart.

Next, we watched my Achtung Baby video, while I had some Guiness! But
it tasted like shite, because it was sorta warm. Oh well. I drank it

We christened my new HUGE disco ball with the song LEMON. It was a
beautiful sight. (Now, if only my disco ball was lemon-shaped...) Then
we played Discotheque, Mysterious Ways, Even Better Than the Real Thing,
and MORE! My friends and I were dancin' like CRAZY!!! Even the ones
who aren't gigantic U2 fans were havin' a ball! I HAD SUCH A BLAST! It
was like I was back at Popmart. It was even better than the real thing.
I wore my pink boa and yellow glasses and belly danced for everyone,

Other than the Popmart concert I went to, so far, THIS WAS THE BEST
NIGHT OF MY LIFE! U2 is the most bitchin' thing on the planet.

And I really believe their music is a gift from God! God bless `em!!!


later ya all.

  "Take my shirt, go on and take it off me!
You can tear it up, if you can tie me down!"
                                              - Bono

 "I'd do that to Bono ANY day, baby!"
                                               - Me

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