Ecco Homo

Simon Thain ([email protected])
Tue, 14 Jul 1998 08:55:41 PDT

Hey all,

I just recently bought a copy of the New York, New York single by Ecco
Homo after being told the story behind it, ie. Bono and Edge along with
members of Max Q jammed after a U2 concert of the Lovetown tour in
Australia, and the result of which was the New York, New York single.

I noticed in the recent issue of IT magazine where Danny Best writes
about U2 releases in Australia that there is a lot of conjecture about
whether it is Bono and Edge or not on this single. After listening to
this many times now, there is no doubt in my mind that it is Bono's
voice in this song and Edge's guitar playing. The guy I bought it off
told me that when he phoned RooArt records (the company which released
the single) about the release, they denied that Bono and Edge are on the
single. However, when PolyGram was contacted, their response was that
RooArt should know there stuff better and that Bono and Edge are in fact
on the release.

Sorry if this is old material on Wire, but I just found this rather
interesting and had never heard of the Ecco Homo release being mentioned
before on Wire. Does anyone have any thoughts on this??


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