some assembled u2 news (attention: soccer content!)

Oli G ( )
Tue, 14 Jul 1998 18:01:24 +0200

There have been various stories on VIVA text (yesterday & today) that
mentioned U2:

U2 have donated money to help the fight against the famine in Sudan.

U2 invested money in a project to build a chain of laser gun fighting
domes in Germany (you know these big domes where you can play war against
other people with laser guns, kind of like a real life computer game).
But the project failed and U2 lost some millions. (IMHO, I don't believe
that U2 would ever support this kind of project. But this is what VIVA

U2 celebrated the vicory of the French soccer team with Johnny Depp,
Jack Nicholson and Zucchero at a celeb disco called "Les Bains"
in Paris. Did any wirelings from Paris spot them...?

Anyway, this is what I read. I just wanted to share. And please, don't
blame me for the soccer content, it's not my fault that U2 are into


Oli G

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