Re: U2 coolest band of the `90s

Nivaria Morales ([email protected])
Tue, 14 Jul 1998 09:04:37 -0700 (PDT)

Hi people!!!
I dont really think there could ever be a winer for best band of the
nineties, it is true that U2 has changed, but you can still fell how
their songs move your most inner feelings. (It happens to me even when
im listenig to Do you feel Loved?)
Some people dont like U2 the way it is now, I just thimk they have
evolved, that they are so MUCH they couldnt be in the same stage
forever, they had to grow, and sometimes not all the things turn out
to be like we want them to be but that doesnt mean they are not good.
I dont think they would really care about being the best or the worts
band of the nineties, cause that is not their point, their point is to
make music, to feel it, doesnt matter is it is made with the
tradicional instruments or not.
I remember i saw a program about U2 on TNT not so long ago where they
said that with theit 3 last records they have had the chance to listen
to themselves, and that thay consider them as a gift to their fans....
Well guess thats all i have to say about it


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