Re: Congrats to France...Rafael's $50 CD is great! ...No flames please

Bonnie Quigg ([email protected])
Tue, 14 Jul 1998 10:51:09 -0700


First of all, Congratulations to France for their decisive victory
in the World Cup on Sunday! It was an awesome game and
they definitely were the better team that day. Now on to my
real purpose:

I knew it would only be a matter of time before someone
started flaming Rafael San Martin for the cost of the mp3
CD he is offering.

Pertaining to Rafael's CD offer:

I bought the CD and feel it is worth every penny I put into it.
The reason I bought it was for convenience. I already own just
about all the music on his CD. I have every album that Island
has currently available for purchase, some that are not
currently available that I have found through other sources, and
several bootlegs of Popmart and other concerts. I don't think I am
ripping U2 off by getting their music in mp3 format. Having all the
music in one convenient place on my computer and being able to
make my own playlist of the songs I want to hear for the day is
a great convenience to me because I don't have to shuffle CD's in my
little portable player on my desk all day. (I still play some of my
CD's because I have other musical interests and I love to listen to
some of the bootlegs not included on Rafael's excellent CD.) For those
of you who haven't heard .mp3 format music, it is very good quality...
not as good as hearing an audio CD on a great home stereo system,
of course, but it sounds great in my earphones in the office.

Rafael's CD is the first and only one I have found that has so much
music in one place. And it has a unique browser format that you can
use to find songs among the albums, bootlegs and singles that you
are interested in. There are hundreds of pictures of the band included
that display with the browser pages, which are fun to see as well.

Rafael's service is topnotch also. He cares that you understand how
to use the CD fully and has been extremely patient in helping me figure
out why I couldn't make the browser work (I needed a different version
of the mp3 player - the one I already had did not work. The one included
in his CD works fine, but I had not bothered to install it since I already
had one.) He also responds very quickly to all emails. I had the CD from
him within a week of asking for it.

Pertaining to flames and whether or not someone is being ripped off:

I don't think I was ripped off. I don't think U2 is being ripped off. If some people
misuse the opportunity and rip U2 off by not buying their albums, then that is their sin,
not mine and not Rafael's. I have the resources to buy the CD. It was my
choice. If you think it is a rip off, then don't take him up on the offer.
There is another Wireling offering to make mp3 CD's for people for $20.
I may order from him too when I figure out what other songs I want.

With all the outpouring of offers lately for trades and very reasonably priced CD-R's,
etc., there are a variety of sources for Wirelings to choose from. I am really grateful
for all the caring people out there who are willing to share their resources with us.
Please don't flame anyone who chooses to sell at a higher price. And don't flame
those of us who choose to buy at those higher prices. I'm older and my time is at
a premium. I don't want to take the time to go out and buy tapes to trade every time
I want a piece of music or a video. It is easier for me to buy it from someone, I prefer CDs,
and I have the money to do it. There are exceptions to that. Sometimes there is something I
want that is unique and I do make the effort to trade, but that is my choice based on my
life's current circumstances. It is your choice based on your circumstances. I think there is
room in this world for all the traders, sellers and buyers. Why criticize one person's efforts
just because it doesn't fit your needs? You have many other options. Some of our Wirelings
are so generous, they offer to tape things for free; just ask.

So my final appeal is:

Please be a little more tolerant of differences. Lets all just be happy that there are so many
choices and so many generous people out there willing to help each other. There is no need
to flame anyone. We all love U2 and we all should be gentle with each my favorite
song says, "sisters, brothers...we need to carry each other". U2 preach peace and brotherhood.
Let's practice that. Live and let live. Please.

Thanks for enduring this very long posting.

Bonnie Quigg
[email protected]

PS And if you have the patience to read further:
 I have also been disturbed by the flames aimed at Danny Best. I have traded with him and he
always delivered. I bought the Melbourne Soundcheck and am disappointed with the quality of the sound,
but I paid my money and I took my chances. It was interesting to hear, even with the wind noise over the
the microphone. I would still trade with Danny again because he has always been fair with me.
I corresponded with him about all these flames and how it effects him. He doesn't advertise on Wire
anymore because he is tired of all the crap being thrown at him. He did not get into the business to rip
people off. As far as I am concerned he is honest in his dealings. I realize some of you have had difficulty
and I regret that it has been that way for you, but part of the trouble you are having with getting Danny to
respond to you is that he feels he shouldn't have to be particularly responsive to people who are flaming him
and giving him a bad time. So, your harsh words and vulgar language just exacerbate the problem, not help it.
I feel he probably should have done more to communicate why he had some significant delays in getting the
orders out, in order to prevent people from suspecting his motives, but no one is perfect. I believe he is honest.
Again...peace. Thanks.

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