u2 annecdote

Violeta Garcia-Mendoza ([email protected])
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 04:32:15 -0400

    I was talking to my gandmother on the phone when my best friend
walks in my house. I was asking my grandmother to get me a CD (not U2
though) and my friend says, "I'm surprised! All you have are U2
CDs...however (she pauses to get louder and to get a dramatic effect)
they suck!" She only said this to get me mad and so I dropped the phone
and go yell at her. WHen I get back on I say, "Sorry Gram, Lisa was
badmouthing U2" but she understood, "Sorry Gram, Lisa was badmouthing
you too" and so she bursts into tears and wouldn't understand when I
tried to explain it. It was hilarious! The next day I explained it to
her again and she got it but said that U2 was a stupid name.

I'll brainwash them all someday!


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