Re: Ellen Darst

Matt McGee ([email protected])
Tue, 14 Jul 1998 14:09:02 -0800

Ginny wrote:
>I was just curious about Ellen. I know that she left U2 several years
ago to
>pursue something else, but what was it that she actually did for the
group and
>WHY on earth would she leave them??? I know the group adored her.

She left a few years ago to work for Elektra Records, where I believe she
is still working.

Of course, not long before the PopMart tour, Anne-Louise Kelly also left.
And there has certainly been other turnover within the management ranks.

Why they left is anyone's guess, but as much as we would consider working
for U2 a "dream job," I think it's probably safe to say that working with
and for the so-called Biggest Band on Earth isn't easy, and comes with
more pressure than most of us would care to try handling. Multiply that
by many years of working with the band, and maybe they just reach a point
where it's time for something new ... ???

My $0.02,

Matt McGee
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