Missing song in Sydney Video

ajebec ([email protected])
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 15:44:21 +1000

Oli G's message yesterday:

>The running time of the video is 130 minutes. This means no missing
>songs like on the Sydney Zoo Tv video. (this is in relation to the possible upcoming release of Mexico POPMart)

reminded me of a question I have. Does anybody know the exact reason
that Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World was left off the
official ZooTV video. My brother-in-law was at the show (I went to the
one the night before) and he reckons that the girl Bono pulled up for
the song was pathetic (his words, not mine) and ruined the whole mood
and effect, which is why he thinks it's not on the video. Does anyone
else have any more official reasons?


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