Bono's voice/Scammers/mp3 ripoff/Good trader

rob okorn ([email protected])
Tue, 14 Jul 1998 22:40:25 PDT

I'll start with scammers. Many already know [email protected] is a scammer,
this [email protected] also fits the bill quite nicely, than there's
the Espinoza character in Texas who emails trade proposals with a 100
red flags. Also interesting that this network of scammers have all
attempted bogus trades within very close proximity of each other with
the same traders, often emailing people out of the blue with transparent
fabrications. The level of sophistication of these scammers is
bordering on adolescent.
Simply put, Bono's vocal prowess is vastly superior in that mid-83 to 87
period, I could easily outkline specific lines from specific songs from
specific shows but why bother. I've tried to enlighten wirelegs yet
some simply don't get it so I'll just let them remain in the dark and
not elaborate on any shows. Ironic that after I was the first to boldly
question Danny Best's sound quality assertions, I was lambasted by some
on wire who couldn't contain themselves by raving about Danny's sound
quality with 'Awesome' 'Outstanding''Amazing, best boot I've ever
heard'. Well eventually the truth came out and I felt vindicated.
Hopefully I tipped off enough people not to outlay the coinage. Danny
persisted with his soundcheck and everyone knows what that sounds like.
It didn't even take me much to figure everything out, pretty much common
As far as out $50 mp3 seller who also charges a whopping $9 for
shipping, in essence $50 for his 3rd rate disc is analogous to spending
$15,000 on a '77 Pinto. Mp3 to begin with is lossy and sterilzes a
recording, by using a higher lvele of compression, the sound is that
much more lossy, throw in the fact that his boots are all 3rd rate and
for $60 total, the price performance ratio is a joke.
As far as Jeff Shirkey, outstanding integrity, no profit motive since he
trades, very pleasant to deal with.
The clown who tried to rip him on wire has alterior motives, I guess his
networked scamming society used a few dozen too many red flags.

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