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kaisa ([email protected])
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 11:21:52 +0300


just wanted to comment on this...

>Now Madonna comes out with tunes like "Ray of Light, " and the critics
>go "OOOOH! AAAAAH! A new Madonna! We like it!" Well pardon my
>french, but all I have to say is BIG fuckin' deal.

>Why are the critics so accepting of Madonna's little techno songs
>(which, I'll admit, I do like...), but they were so critical and
>judgemental with POP?

especially cause the new madonna songs are nowhere near techno. and u2
songs are nowhere near techno aswell... in europe we call this music
'dance' not techno and if you call u2 or madonna techno, you would prolly
die when you heard the real techno music... ray of light is techno...!??!
as we've talked about this before, POP is or was an album (atleast to me)
than needed listening to understand it, i have not heard any objections to
wll anyways this was my opinion... and btw i HATE the new madonna album;)

come on vogue, let your body move to the music...:PPP



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