re: U2 and Austin Powers

kaisa ([email protected])
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 11:28:17 +0300

hey!, jeez i'm being a real bitch today and writing twice;)

about this:
>I don't know if this had been previously mentioned or not. If you have the
>Austin Power's Soundtrack listen to track #7 "You Showed Me" by The
>Lightning Seeds. The background guitar riff sounds just like "The Playboy
>Mansion". What's up with that. Are The Lightning Seeds the all new Sean
>"Puffy" Combs? I'm sure it's just a coincidence but it sounds so close! I
>guess they're always on my mind!

ever thought that U2 might sample stuff?
from the pop sleeve:

'contains excerpts from 'you showed me' '

so there ya go, btw playboy mansion is my fave song on pop;)



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