* FarawaySoClose * ([email protected])
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 01:49:56 PDT


   All you Sydney wirelings its time to get out from behind your 'puter
screens and into the city for a big U2 fix.
   The U2cover band "Sunday Bloody Sunday" plays every weekend
(well.....almost) and they really do rock! We (anyone who wants to come)
should get a group and go together....I bet alot of you go anyways and
we just dont know it.
  So on 25th July, which is in 10 days (I posted about this earlier
which made it 2 weeks notice), we should all meet up. The only problem
is I wont know exactly when/where until the 23rd, but if anyone is
interested email me for more details.

Get your head(s) out of the mud,

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