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Wed, 15 Jul 1998 06:59:16 EDT

<<Hey Wirelings,
 About this Vegas video, technically it isn't a pro shot video, its
actually pretty unsteady a lot of times. Pro shot, to me and many
others means, a video meant for TV or Suncoast video sales etc.
Tripod, many cameras, etc. Just my thoughts, I think to many people
are calling it a pro shot when its really just a guy (who's pretty
important) with spot to tape them from, not seats, he's better than
that, thats happens to be right in front of the stage.

my thoughts on this as I have it is that PRO shot to me is when the footage U
are viewing is coming from professional cameras rather than your simple sony
hi-fi handicam. The footage on here is unsteady at times but I would say 80%
of it is very much steady.

if U havent noticed and have seen other POPmart promo footage from other
countries is that those other countries used footage from this very tape to
put together their broadcasted promo spots. I have seen this used in footage
from S. america and footage from Rotterdam promo spots. So in a sense this
footage has been broadcasted worldwide...


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