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Wed, 15 Jul 1998 07:14:11 EDT

<<I saw on Vh1 or MTV that all these artists are now doing concerts at Red
Rocks, from John Fogarty to the Dave Mathews Band (who, I think put out
a live album from that very location) and what I want to know is: What's
up with that? U2 does it back in like '84, and suddenly it becomes cool
in '98 with John Tesh! Come On! oh well... with all these clips of
artists saying how neat-o Red Rocks is, I would have loved to see the
clip of that guy (from the U2 concert) saying how great the concert will
be once the rain stops (you know who I'm talking about!) "It's gonna be
great, it's gonna be a great concert"



I have worked at Red Rocks, seen over 100 shows at Red Rocks and actually go
to school at Red Rocks College. Alot of artists record up there and your
right Dave Matthews put out a live at Red Rocks cd, 311 put out a show they
did at Red Rocks on video last year, John Tesh records every show at Red Rocks
he ever does, Celion Dion recorded there last year and in August The Verve
will also be recording a video there.

If U have never seen a show at Red Rocks I could understand why U might think
it to be a bit strange that ALL these bands are doing it. But...Red Rocks is
one of THE most amazing places to see a show at. The seats are almost veritcal
and pretty much is a stadium style seating. The accoustics are amazing. U can
have the absolute WORST band in the world and have them play there and they
would sound amazing. Plus with the natural rock walls its ideal for light
shows beyond anything u have ever seen before. short I think that the bands are recording there NOT because U2 did it
and everyone wants on the bandwagon but its a historical park and all natural
ampitheatre that is in a very beautiful location and no doesnt rain there
all the time..every once and a while though :)

going to see Savage Garden tonight at Red Rocks JUST to see what these guys
are actually all about....eye eye captain..I will report back to the ship..


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