Re: What pisses me off...

David ([email protected])
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 09:38:54 -0400

>Ya wanna know what pisses me off?
>It's that U2 got shit from some critics for their "new sound." The
>techno-ish sounds they put together, which I say kick ass.

I don't recall reading any seriously negative reviews for Pop. Q magazine
was certainly very complimentary as were Mojo, Spin and (I think) Rolling
Stone. The problem is that when the album didn't sell well (compared to
Acthung, JT, Zooropa etc), due to poor marketing/market saturation/people
having no taste ;) or whatever, critics felt the need to cover their asses.
The same thing happened with REM - New Adventures In HiFi, Oasis - Be Here
Now and other acts.

>Now Madonna comes out with tunes like "Ray of Light, " and the critics
>go "OOOOH! AAAAAH! A new Madonna! We like it!"
>Why are the critics so accepting of Madonna's little techno songs
>(which, I'll admit, I do like...), but they were so critical and
>judgemental with POP?

The reason for this is that the critics are still in the "ooh! aah!" phase.
If Madonna doesn't sell well then in three to six months time there will be
a similar backlash and they will talk about her "going off track", "losing
her focus" and so on.

>These critics must have their heads up their arses, or somethin'.

Not really, I think they just have their arses well covered!!!


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