MY U2 PUZZLE NEEDS U2 PICS to be featured in the puzzle!

PopMartian ([email protected])
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 00:40:37 -0600

I have a U2 puzzle on my page and I am running out of exceptionally
good pictures to feature in the puzzle! If you send me a cool pic or a
couple of cool pics, I will feature them in the puzzle, giving you
credit of course, with either a link to your page, or if you don't have
one, your email addy, or both, and now I want to see how long this
run-on sentence goes, but the end of it is right here. Thanks everyone!

I'm a Rock'n'Roll Dawggie

Fraser The PopMartian

P.S. This may sound stupid, but does anyone, when writing IN CAPITAL
LETTERS, write U2 like this?

                        [email protected] (2 + shift = @)


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