Bono's voice/JT/Popmart/Commercialism/Looseness

rob okorn ([email protected])
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 23:41:59 PDT

It's sad that any semblance of well articulated assertions(aka facts)
are construed as pretentious rather than matter of fact for the mere
fact that it deviates from other's opinions. Then they decide to use
lame inaccuracies that I only focused on 'vocal range' and that Bono's
texture is superior now. Guess what I went out of my way to include a
number of vocal facets so this person has selectively juxtapose what she
sees as convenient to make a point devoid of merit. Vocal texture?, I
guess you haven't heard 'Sweet Fire of Love' from '87 which leaves that
point far from the realm of truisms. Sweet fire of Live vocally has
incredible tone/texture coupled with fiery passion/emotion. You'll note
I refrained from mentioning vocal gymnastics, needless to say the vocals
are awesome.
In terms of Bono's voice, listen to the tone, TEXTURE, power, nuance,
EMOTION, passion, range from the best 80's shows. The band have slowed
the pitch/speed on songs to compensate and mitigate any brittle vocal
As far as spontaneity and looseness, even something like the 8/8/87 is a
hundred times looser than any popmart show.
As far as the post about commercialism, completely missed my point with
more scapegoat respnses. I have no problem with 'progress' and
'evolution' but people tend to use it as an excuse for inferior product.
You can't evolve for the sake of evolving, you have to back it up with
music that compelling timeless qualities and replay value rather than
being dispensible. It's hardly 'extreme creativity' as one post
suggested. If U2 were serious about uncompromising creativity, they'd
release more interesting songs like 'Elvis Ate america' or ditties with
that type of LOOSENESS rather than formulaic soaring stadium friendly
melodies and hooks. U2 ar smart enough to realize that 'Elvis Ate
america' isn't conducive to an 80,000 stadium. In the end they release
what they're happy with and Island does give them alot of leeway but it
would be preumptuous to think that they don't ultimately strive for a
happy medium between artistic freedom and songs that will work in a
large live setting.
If they released a radically non-conforming 'out there' disc and
expressing their 'extreme creativity', they would inherently risk the
viability of the tour given the logistics of the video screen overhead
and production cost.

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