Re: zooropa?

Antonio ([email protected])
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 10:46:02 +0200

Kelly wrote:
>I could be missing something or maybe I am just having one of those stupid
>but what in the hell does Zooropa mean? Is there something significant about
>it or was it just a random term left over from the Achtung Baby period?
>Your wise interpretations and knowledge are much appreciated.

well, kelly, i still don't know everything about U2 (i know many things, but
i miss most of them), but i guess that's just a fusion between the words ZOO
and EUROPA (considering europa not an italian word but a german one)

just my guess


*** Tony's cd suggestion for this week:
        KANTOROW-MULLER-ROUVIER: Maurice Ravel: Trio et Sonates (Musique du film Un
Cur en Hiver)
                              1973, 1974 Erato Disques 2292-45920-2 ***

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