and you know it's time to go...

kaisa ([email protected])
Fri, 17 Jul 1998 12:47:14 +0300

hi everyone...

it's time to me to leave you for a year. i know i know isn't it sad.:) on
saturday i will be heading to denver and joining 'up with people' and
touring for a year. i will try to check out the archives every once ina
while and see if there's something happening in the u2-team;) it's been
great and i wish you all a good year. this mailing list has gone through
some kinky shit, all the flame wars and especially the terrible news we
heard last years about our fellow wireling. but there's also been good
times like the annoying shoe-songs and of course ykyaww... and the info...:)
oh btw you know you're a u2-fan when you put a u2 poster in your suitcase
cause it's gonna be your 'room' for the next year;)

so thanks everyone and hopefully the next u2-tour comes soon so i can meet
you guys:)



        "the only limits are the limits of our imagination"
            Kaisa aka ^keyser^in irc [email protected]

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