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Unforgettable Firedancer ([email protected])
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 04:50:28 -0500

Hi all! I've been busily lurking for about three or so weeks now and have
finally come in to say "hi!" My "internet name" may be "the Unforgettable
Firedancer", but my real name is Diane. I've been a U2 fan since about '91
or so, back when I first began getting into newer music. My two favorite
artists are U2 and Duran Duran, and after participating in the DD-net for a
while I decided to check out the U2-net. And I'm very happy to see a lot of
people love U2 as much as I do!

Anyways...regarding "What pisses me off"...this is an unusual spot to be at.
All the Duranies (Duran Duran fans) on the Internet constantly must fight
for the same level of respect that U2 automatically gets from the music
press. This is also including "Pop". In fact, I think "Pop" got about as
much positive response as could be expected from the music press. I can
remember hearing about Q Magazine slamming Duran Duran's latest,
"Medazzaland" (and theories that this was because one song, "Undergoing
Treatment", contains the lines, "Till our epic fits the scene/Laid out in Q
Magazine"), and certainly the British press could not be less kind to any
other artist than DD. At the same time, though, I observe how every other
issue of "Rolling Stone" contains at least a little U2 content, and how much
more seriously U2 is taken by the music press. Whether this has anything to
do with album sales is beyond me, but I know one thing: all this leaves me
with a complex. On one hand I'm more than happy that the music press takes
U2 as seriously as I do, and that they recognize U2's abilities and talents
as musicians. On the other hand, I turn into a bitch when I read anything
the music press writes up about Duran Duran, mainly because they 1.)
completely ignore them, or 2.) print up fluff garbage pieces like, "Oh my
God, so-and-so's changed his hair color!" or "Oh my God, so-and-so's no
longer in the group!". *sigh* What am I trying to say? Well...this: I
would be one of those to bitch and moan about U2's waning effectiveness on
the minds of music reviewers everywhere, but on the other hand there's this
other group I love just as much IF NOT MORE who REALLY gets panned by the
music press. This puts all my sneering "U2's getting shafted by the press"
attitude to rest.

Just something for you guys to mull over. I'm not mad or disgusted or
anything...I just wanted to let you guys have a different perspective on

Loads of love from the Duranie PopMart,

the Unforgettable Firedancer (but you can call me Diane)
"Didn't I say if you were holding on/You'd be laughing at the last..."
               -- Duran Duran, 1982
"Don't push me too far/Don't push me too far/Tonight...." -- U2, 1983

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