Re: Missing song in Sydney video

Billy Schroeder ([email protected])
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 09:29:01 -0500

Michael Wright, POPSTAR wrote:

>Is this true? did they really leave off 'Trying to throw..'? If so,
>where is the skip in the video, I had to have missed it all these times.
>Between which songs did it happen?

The break in the original set list is after "Numb": The group performs
"Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World" and then goes to the B-stage
for "Angel Of Harlem." Look closely after "Numb": do you see Edge get on
the camera dolly? No, because he got on that towards the end of "Tryin' To
Throw Your Arms Around The World."

You don't really miss much by not seeing the missing song. However, if you
want the original PPV broadcast of the show, let me know.
Billy Schroeder

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