MUZIKMART's illegal U2 broadcasting.

manuel olmos ([email protected])
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 23:38:16 +0930 (GMT)

Hello all!
I'm currently working as a sound engineer in a
concert being done by this city's council (Darwin,
Australia), well, this concert is for kids and it's being
done in the main street of this city, so apart
from the kids I get a HUGE audience of people who
just like the music or the acts they have here. There's
two 1 hour breaks during the day where there's nothing
going on except for the music I choose to play, the people
organizing this event told me to play ONLY music appropiate
for children, namely Aqua, and others (I don't know where
it says that aqua is appropiate for children....), since tomorrow
is the last day and I don't care about being sacked or anything,
I'm gonna use this audio system to play U2 during the breaks!!
I'm gonna play it so loud those kids are never gonna forget
the BOOM CHA, DISCOTHEQUE!! line, and since the street
is full of people shopping and tourists I'm gonna have one hell
of an audience!!....this is gonna be good!!!
Of course at some point the producer is gonna come and
tell me to stop the thing, but hey!! He can't tell me that if he can't find me!
This illegal concert is proudly organized by:
visit MUZIKMART and don't forget to sign the wall.


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