U2 fans getting too obsessed?

J ([email protected])
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 07:08:16 -0700 (PDT)

I started the "Are We GEtting Too Obsessed" post a little less than a
month ago. But now there is more evidence to porve my assertions
(still I'm not sayign whether this is a good or bad thing):

-A new thread all about Jordan and U2 (just for some itsy bitsy
comment Jorday made..Wire made it into a racial and superstar sndrome

-Crediting U2 for all artists going to Red Rocks (when in fact REd
Rocks has been around longer than U2 and most tracks in UABRS aren't
from Red Rocks anyway, it was only the video)

-Getting "pissed off" at madonna's techno success just because U2 did
not have similar success with Pop

-Going back to the bootleger/trader flaming, and the old rehash JT U2
versus Current U2 argument (maybe because there aren't any new stuff
to talk about)

-The usual speculative rumor that Wire can't do without (this time it
is about U2's failed investments and losing money)

Just my two cents.

Hello, I am a addicted U2-hoic.

hehehehe ;)


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