Concert seating (floor section)

Zman BassPlayer ([email protected])
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 22:54:31 PDT

I just wanted to point out that it would be kinda cool to have general
admission to the entire floor, but I only say that because when I went
to the June 1 concert (Giants Stadium) and I got in about two hours
early and I was probably the 10 or 15th person there, and general
seating would have given me choice of anyplace on the entire floor. But
that's ok, the band walked 8 rows in front of me from where I was
sitting as they entered during PopMuzik.

(If anyone knows where I can get an mp3 of a live version of "Until the
End of the World, email me.)


"The universe exploded, 'cause of one man's lie."
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"All the best songs are co-written by God, y'know!!"
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