Re: Looseness: Final words

Lilith ([email protected])
Fri, 17 Jul 1998 02:32:04 -0400

Josh Faul wrote (re the indefatigable Mr Okorn's multi-syllabic and
many-typoed epistles):

> FINAL WORDS??? THANK GOD. Wooo I'm sooooooo glad that's finally over. Are you giving up because
> NO ONE agrees with you?

Actually, I think that it's not so much that no one agrees with him, as
no one _understands_ him. What the hell (excuse my "lingo") is this
obsession with "looseness" and "tightness"? It sounds like someone has
something on his mind other that U2 and their _musical_ performance.

And I am not an owner of any of the bootlegs Mr Okorn keeps referring
to, just someone who has seen them live only in Miami (and once in Tampa
-- for the Joshua Tree tour, which I would like to inform Mr Okorn was
almost a carbon copy of the Miami JT show except for the inclusion of
"Spanish Eyes" towards the end, which sort of puts a dent in the claims
of JT being a "looser," more spontaneous tour).


I dare you -- to be real;
To touch -- to touch the flickering flame....

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