Old Tours vs. New Tours, Bono's Voice

J ([email protected])
Fri, 17 Jul 1998 18:55:46 -0700 (PDT)

Bono can do things in tour now which he could never do in 1983-87.
First off, his flasetto was either non-existent or not refined during
those days (see the falsetto segment in Unforgettable Fire). However,
now his falsettos make your hair stand! Watch his "Can't Help Falling
In Love" in ZOO TV, the "higher" segment in "One", the falsetto
moaning in "WOWY" is now much more refined than in the JT Tour.

Bono has now learned to sing in the "horny" tone. Has he ever done
that in the 83-87 era? No. He hasn't learned about them. This
"horny" tone is very distinguishable and rich. Examples are "Your
Blue Room" and "If You Wear That Velvet Dress."

Just like how and aging athlete can still display some flashes of
brilliance from their "heyday" (as if Bono isn't in his prime
anymore..as a matter of fact he still is!), Bono can do the same.
Hear him belt out the "though torn in two/we can be one" part of New
Year's Day, and the "I'm Wide Awaaaake" in "Bad" (both on the Popmart
Tours), they were infinitely better than the ZOO TV Tour versions and
much like the Bono of the 83-87 era. Bono jusr refuses to sing his
all in a night in night out basis.

Could Bono sing "piano bar lounge" style before? No he couldn't, but
he has demostrated that he now can with "Two Shots OF Happy" as well
as the "I've Got You Under My Skin" duet. Simply put, Bono's voice is
more versatile now and he is still capable of belting those 83-87 high
notes, but on a more limited basis now.

I actually prefer his voice now since it is much more controlled and
consistent thus making him more in the tune of things. Before, you
would never be certain if he would reach or perfect the note he would
want to hit but it wouldn't matter due to the raw energy and
enthusiasm displayed by Bono during those "screaming" days. I like
now better though...



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