Re:Re: Bono's voice/JT/Popmart/Commercialism/Looseness

Stephen Scoglio ([email protected])
Sat, 18 Jul 1998 12:22:11 +1000

>Hey Rob you can use all the big words you want it >doesn't make your
> wild accusations anymore legitimate.
>I can be just as sesquipedalian as you. I find your >assessment of Pop
>to be completely unfounded. To say they somehow >compromised their >songs
>so they would sound better in a stadium is ludicrous. >I'm sure that's
>what they were thinking when they recorded Pop. How will this sound in
> the stadiums? Just because you don't like Pop doesn't mean you have to
>subject us to your tumultuous criticism

 Hmmm...I second this Slice,


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