Unedited & Revealing U2 Interview Transcript Now Available For "Pop Invasion" International Radio Broadcast 6/22/97

Mark Russell Bell ([email protected])
Sat, 18 Jul 1998 00:07:15 -0700

I am making available a transcript of most of the band's June 20, 1997
"Pop Invasion" radio interview beginning at


This website consists of interviews, journals and radio program
reporting so you might be confused by the first few paragraphs of this
tape side. The U2 transcript continues on Tape #231, Side #2 and Tape
#232, Side #1.

This site is the Internet edition of a case study non-fiction book
dealing with events sometimes described as "supernatural" or
"miraculous." As a publicity writer working at Paramount Pictures, my
assignments included "U2 Rattle And Hum." My research at the time
included reading UNFORGETTABLE FIRE: THE STORY OF U2 by Eamon Dunphy.
Years later, after experiencing many consciousness-expanding events, I
read the book a second time along with A YEAR WITH SWOLLEN APPENDICES
(BRIAN ENO'S DIARY) and was impressed by the books' evidence of divine
guidance and channeling. The home page address is http://testament.org

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