Bad Smashing pumpkins show... (yes there is U2 content)

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Sat, 18 Jul 1998 03:22:21 EDT

Hi everybody!!!!

Tonight I went to the free Smashing Pumpkins concert in Minneapolis,MN. What a
waste of time. The streets were filled with filthy, drunken slobs, and it was
disgusting. Only about a third of the people there were actually listening to
the music, and the rest were falling over onto each other. Becide that, the
sound was soooo bad, when Billy talked for a couple minutes in a row, i could
only catch a few words from his mouth.. it was HORRIBLE to say the least....

Becide hearing Do You Feel Loved in my head the whole night, I was reminded of
how much better the U2 concert was in October last year. I do not remember
seeing this kindof trash at all. I dont remember people there, there just to
get drunk, or high(there was that going around at this one too). And the only
explaination i can come up with for this is, that, simply, U2 fans appreciate
the music. How can you listen, and actually enjoy teh music in a drunken
rage??? I just dont understand...So my only pleading, is to keep U2 concerts
pretty clean, in this sort. The Smashing Pumpkins show tonight, is simply,
going to be a laughing stalk, and obvously it is not their fault, it is of the
fan's fault... so please,please, Appreciate the music, come for the music, and
for gods sake, DONT MAKE YOURSELF LOOK LIKE AN ASS!!! becase, believe me, from
the other side, you are nothing other than a drunken ass....

thanks everybody, and i wish NOT to offend anyone, so dont take offense...
just an opinion from a 14 year old girl...

I am going to be gone this next week... I am going to MIAMI!!! and other
placces of florida...staying up all night, because i have to be at the airport
parents think i am going bonkers.. have showered and everything already...oops
they have very slow observations

Sorry I have babbled on so long..
GOD BLESS U2!!!! Amen.

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