Rachel you out there? U2 going broke...what about the musical journey??!?

* FarawaySoClose * ([email protected])
Sun, 19 Jul 1998 17:25:00 PDT


 If Rachel Theobald is still out there somewhere in WIRELAND can she
please get in contact with me.....its about The Unforgettable Shoe *lol*

  Ok everyone who is sick to death of hearing about how broke U2
are.....raise their hands. Gee that piece of *news* is getting a wee bit
out of control. The next time one of them gets short changed at the
supermarket will we know about it too?

Adam:*sigh* "That stupid checkout chick shortchanged me $0.20...."
Later on WIRE: 4000 posts about poor Adam going broke.

  (I chose Adam cause hes my fav and is ALWAYS on my mind lol) I know
they lost a bit more than 20 cents but to them its a splash in the
ocean. Even if they do worry about it, I dont think we have to. Thats
what accountants and lawyers and stockbrokers (oh my!) are for. A couple
of days ago there was a post about how it (this mysterious "it") was
about the music. Why then are we so concerned about some stupid news
report (which BTW has been beaten to death) about U2s money? It's a
MUSICAL journey for f**ks sakes! Hasn't U2 taught you ppl anything?? Ok
enough of the ranting.

  Urgh I hate it when I carry on an argument thats already
dead...........but the Unichat ppls (HOLA UNI-CHATTERS) put me in an
argumentative mood ;) (we all know frogs go *clap* ladedadeda).

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   I know Ive said this already tonight but SYDNEY WIRELINGS EMAIL
ME!!!!! NOW DAMMIT! Lol its about the gathering thingy.........u know u
want to come and meet all us scary WIRELINGS who just happen to inhabit
the same area as u do...... **did I say scary?? I meant errrrrr smiley
;)** .So just email me already! Sheesh! (I know there are at least 2 of
you out there who havent emailed me.....Id even go so far as to say 3)
Do I sound like a nazi to you?? LOL ok I'll leave it for tonight (errr
today actually...good morning pplings).

  Ok so my mother just walked into my room and asked me who "The
Unforgettable Fire" (album) was by...........*sigh*

Cause I miss that shoe *sniff*,
P.S. PLEASE excuse my spelling in my HMTMKMKM post *sheesh what a
Flame me! Flame me now! If you live in Sydney that is.......D'oh! and I
said Id leave that for the day *sigh*

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