Classic U2 songs

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Sun, 19 Jul 1998 18:20:19 -0600 (MDT)

Greetings to all,

Look at this list and see if you can spot the problem:

Boy................ I Will Follow
October............ Gloria, October
War................ Sunday Bloody Sunday, New Years Day
UF................. Pride, Bad
Joshua Tree........ WTSHNN, ISHFWILF, WOWY
Rattle & Hum....... Desire, All I Want is You
Achtung Baby....... One, Mysterious Ways
Zooropa............ No timeless hits/Anthems
Pop................ No timeless hits/Anthems
Next Album......... ???????

Now don't get me wrong here, I am a very big fan of Pop and Zooropa, as a
matter of fact I would probably rate Zooropa as one of my favourite albums.
I think that Pop is great and that it is just a little beyond the "average
Joe". Its one of those records that has to be listened to to really be
appreciated but...
I'm kinda starting to think that U2 has lost it just a little. Off of
almost every album (October could be left out) U2 has managed to put out
some huge anthemic hits that will last well on into the next millenium. As
proof of this just listen to the radio stations. The classic rock stations
play these songs all the time and the top forty stations play these as
fillers between the "one hit wonder" songs. With U2's last two albums,
everybody seems to have forgotten about them. I don't really blame them
though. U2 tried to do things a little differently with since Achtung and I
guess it sort of worked. They managed to produce high quality music but
none of the songs are songs that make you go "Wow!". "Please" live in
concert was a song that could do that but live is where they live and only
the 40 or so thousand people who attend each show will remember this song as
special. I'm not trying to say that U2 should make a commercial "hit"
album. What I am trying to express is my longing for U2 to put out songs
that stay true to who they are as well as blowing the mainstream's mind.
Think about it... that is what got them to the place they are today. Not
pretty good songs off the likes of Zooropa and Pop. There are few people
who will say that a song like WOWY is a poor song. However, I bet there are
a few that feel a song like Lemon or Discotheque are not so spiffy.
Alright, 'nuff said. Thanks. Bye bye.

Mark Johnston

"What is Edmonton's nickname? The 'Chuck? Well, we're gonna rock the 'Chuck!"
                                                        - Bono

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