desire baseball

[email protected]
Sun, 19 Jul 1998 20:52:40 EDT

i was watching the mets game last night. i saw an advertisement for a video
of great baseball track "with today's coolest soundtrack." they started
playing desire and said that u2 was on it. i've heard desire played at shea
stadium(where the mets play in new york, for those of you who don't give a
shit about baseball) as well as mysterious ways. once at 'the vet'(where the
philadelphia phillies play)i heard hmtmkmkm. just thought you might want to
know. there was a way to order the video. i picked up a copy of the video at
the baseball game, so i didn't copy it down.

"I'm all against facial hair myself." Bono at the Ritz nightclub, New York

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