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 (Its about bloody time that The U2 simpsons ep is getting screened in

Nico Wrote:
>I went looking for information and I found this www site....
> http://us.imdb.com/M/search_plot_writers?Eddie+Tomayko+

I followed the link and all I have is questions.......

Cast (for Entropy, in alphabetical order)
      Adam Clayton (I)
      Stephen Dorff
      David Evans (X)
      Judith Godrèche
      Lauren Holly
      Kelly MacDonald
      Larry Mullen Jr.

 I laughed when I read that Edge was referred to as David Evans (10th)
....and im wondering about the "as himself" next to Bonos name. Well
actually it was more like...Adam , Edge and Larry arent playing
themselves?? I saw something on Entertainment Tonight awhile ago that
said they had finished filming Entropy (in an interview with Lauren
Holly actually) so now we wait........
 I did a little more digging and it turns out David Evans the 10th and
The Edge arent the same people. Wierd.
  So Edge isnt in Entropy?? Or has he changed his name (for "acting"
purposes)? According to the Internet Movie Database David Evans(X)
"appeared" just for Entropy. Thats the only thing hes credited with.
Edge, isnt credited with Entropy - whereas Bono, Adam and Larry are. Its
also kinda interesting that Edge isnt credited for his appearance on The
Simpsons.....and the other boys are. Is the IMDb just f**ked or what?

  Million Dollar Hotel, Billion Dollar Hotel........which is it?? From
the IMDb, I get the impression the Billion dollar is like a sequel of
the Million dollar. A sequel not in the "Star Wars/Empire Strikes Back"
sense of the word but more in the "Clerks/Mallrats" sense. Is this so?

Yeah yeah I think too much and no one else cares,
P.S. Since all u Melbournites wont get to go see YOUR U2 cover band till
the 15th August you should haul ur butts up to Sydney to see OURS! (Now
im pushing it...)

For what its worth Nikki, Ive been warned about my posts too :(. Some
WIRELINGS rock. Some dont.

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