The Stand actor and old U2 articles to share

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     The actor who played Larry Underwood in The Stand (one of my top10
recent fiction favorites) also played Steven Crane in Rough Riders, TNT's
movie about Teddy Roosevelt and the charge up San Juan Hill. He was great
as Crane, who was covering the war for the Hearst newspapers (owner Hearst
played by a very-tan-as-always George Hamilton!). At one point he
confesses, 'the other writers don't like me; I'm an alcoholic and a drug
user and I don't give a damn!' He was very sympathetic though and very
charming. . . (even if the accent wasn't Irish but somewhat southern)

     okay, okay, no U2 content so far, let me think. . . .

     I've got some wonderful old archive-type articles about our boys,
saved as either text only or in Word7.0, which I'm *more* than happy to
share, since a lot of the online sites don't carry the old stuff. Email me
if you'd like any of them sent your way, and which version you prefer
(since I'm not a mac-user, I'm never sure if you guys/gals can access pc
files. . . that's why I saved as text only too).

     Here's what I've got currently:
Chicago Tribune 1985: Irish Band U2 Brings Noble Message to its Music
Christian Science Monitor 1985: Irish rock band aims straight for the heart
with message of unquenchable hope
Irish Times concert review, 1993: Style, sex and self-assurance
LA Times 1987: At Home in Dublin (Robert Hilburn)
LA Times 1985: U2's Perilous Life at the Top (Robert Hilburn)
Life 1988: More At Home in Dublin Than on the Big Screen
The Nation 1985: Popularity of Irish Rock Band U2
People 1985: Dublin's U2 may be the only band whose sound says let's get
physical -- and spiritual too
The Guardian (London) 1985: Playing with Mr. Big (Bono in Swansea)
Time 1986: Conspiracy of Hope

     there, I'm still playing by the rules. . . .
by the way, if you email me, since I'm going to ask you anyway, let me know
where you're from, and what university you're at, if that's where your
email address is from. . . just curious, not taking names or anything.

Teresa in Richmond
'here I go and I don't know why/ I spin so ceaselessly/ could it be he's
taken over me?' Dancin' Barefoot (listen and become a believer!)

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