Re:who should produce a U2 album

Adrian Bolla ([email protected])
Mon, 20 Jul 1998 21:47:39 +0200

>with that said I think that Tim Simenon should produce a U2 record. Tim is
>from Bomb the Bass and produced Gavin Fridays "Shag Tobacco" as well as
>Depeche Modes "Ultra".

I consider hiring Tim Simenon (and his inflatable, carry-around crew) for
producing "Ultra" a major disaster. Depeche Mode's latest studio album is a
mistake; their most mediocre and easily forgettable work to date and I
mostly put the blame on Tim Simenon & Co. "Ultra" is like a thermal-water
pool filled with old, fat, farty folks curing their rheumatic legs and
pissing in the already lukewarm water. If you want boring, predictable,
simple, underproduced, mid-tempo tunes that you can fall asleep to, then
choose the proven formula: the Martin L. Gore + Tim Simenon combo.

Maybe the problem is not Tim Simenon but M.L. Gore and Tim could do wonders
to U2, although after listening to the Curve's current album (co-produced
by Mr. Simenon, aswell) I have sincere doubts.

>I have ALWAYS felt that he would be a good choice and of course would hire
>up by my band if only we could afford him :(

Please, name me a band or artist that hired Tim Simenon for a SECOND time...

Power to you, Nico but I'd like to see U2 sticking to Flood, Mark 'Spike'
Stent and Brian Eno. It worked, they're brill.

(Tim, two steps back or I shoot. Don't you dare to touch U2! ;)

If U2 really wanted to make a change, my votes would go to Francois
Kevorkian, William Orbit, Neil McLellan, Gareth Jones, Nellee Hooper and
perhaps Alan Wilder... Or what about the Oakenfold/Osborne duo?

U2 might even present a new song to Butch Vig and Tim Simenon for remix
purposes so then we could hear it for ourselves and then decide if we allow
them to participate in a bigger project. ;)

And if we are already at remixes I'd love to hear a ChemBros or a Liam
Howlett re-arrangement of a U2 track. You?

Anyway, my fav reworks for U2 are those dancey 'Perfecto' pieces...

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