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Mon, 20 Jul 1998 18:26:05 EDT

<<Depeche Mode's latest studio album is a
mistake; their most mediocre and easily forgettable work to date and I
mostly put the blame on Tim Simenon & Co>>

I WAS a huge DM fan until Ultra was tossed out and I truely belive it does
suck but how could it ever be Tim Simenons fault?? I mean the songs were
terribly written in the first place. Tim did all he could do for that album to
make it sound even remotely bareable to listen to once. For that I
congratulate him. DMs gone downhill not to mention that one of the guitra
riffs off of Ultra was taken from a Duran Duran song. A distinguished
songwriter now has to steal from Duran Duran to make a song..and thats Tims
fault? hes supposed to make it sound great? he did all he could do...and then

<<Maybe the problem is not Tim Simenon but M.L. Gore and Tim could do wonders
to U2, although after listening to the Curve's current album (co-produced
by Mr. Simenon, aswell) I have sincere doubts.

I personally feel the new Curve album is great...and well done. and I think
your right..its NOT Tim..its Martin Gore whos got it all wrong...

<<Please, name me a band or artist that hired Tim Simenon for a SECOND time...

please locate a complete listing of his work as I cannot currently find hes been remixing for longer than hes been producing ...hardly a
fair question to ask..

<<If U2 really wanted to make a change, my votes would go to Francois
Kevorkian, William Orbit, Neil McLellan, Gareth Jones, Nellee Hooper and
perhaps Alan Wilder... Or what about the Oakenfold/Osborne duo?

William Orbit I would agree with but now that he pretty much wrote the new
Madonna album and allowed her name to have top credit over his....I would
rather see him put out his own material than have him produce....hes better
than that...and certainly better than Madonna..

and Alan Wilder??? please...that is one of THE worst possible choices...yeah
his so called brilliant work with Recoil is something to talk album U couldnt give away...I wouldnt let him TOUCH U2....

<<U2 might even present a new song to Butch Vig and Tim Simenon for remix
purposes so then we could hear it for ourselves and then decide if we allow
them to participate in a bigger project. ;)

yeah i think we let Butch have a crack at the remixing...and well he should
stay with Garbage and leave it alone. His first Dirty Day remix I dont mind
but the other one and the Staring at the Sun remixes are pathetic to say the
least. Half of the sounds he chose my band had used in songs over 2 1/2 years

not to even get me started on the new Garbage record...yeah I like it quite a
bit BUT track 5's intro is a BLATENT U2 guitar riff....its like Butch was
thinking..ya know...I remixed for em so now I will go ahead and use a guitar
riff they worked up in 85...they wont mind...not at all and hey maybe we will
be as big as U2 by using it...yeah right..

<<And if we are already at remixes I'd love to hear a ChemBros or a Liam
Howlett re-arrangement of a U2 track. You?

Liam Howlett cant get away from Playing Nude Raider long enough to make a
remix for anyone...why do U think Prodigys new album took so long to make and
was delayed for FOREVER???? Hes too lazy to do it...

and for the Chem Bros..there are FAR better people out there who would do a
better job than them...

such as..

Bentley Rhythm Ace
Roni Size
and perhaps Ben Neil

or why dont U give DJ Andy Smith a crack at it from Portishead...take U2 to a
new level of remixes...

and I see U didnt touch Gavins "Shag Tobacco" ...that album is one of the most
amazing pieces of work ever....and I know U cant deny that...

Sir David..please feel free to speak up...

but all is fair in love and war...

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