***** For Sale *****

Alastair Warren ([email protected])
Mon, 20 Jul 1998 08:05:43 +1000

        Hey Wirelings,
                                I've got three items to sell I hope
someone's interested in.

                1.) Achtung Baby Demo's - Basically the editted
highlights of the 3CD Salome Set. You can guess at the quality since it's
from te studio.
                        $30 Australian 0R US$19

                2.) U2 - Perth 1989, Australian Tour Interviews - Video
bootleg featuring both amateur and professionally shot footage of the Perth
concert. It takes film from both a guy in the audience with a camera and
film from the news cameras around the stage. At one point Bono calls "Mr.
Channel 10" onto the stage. It also features video clips and LOTS of news
items and interviews done for the Australian media.
                        $25 Australian OR US$16

                3.) PopMart Washington 26/4/97 - Video bootleg filmed from
two cameras with the sound taken from a DAT recording. Good sound, good
                        $25 Australian OR US$16

        In Australia this includes express postage, outside by arrangement.
If you've got any questions, email me on: [email protected]

                                                        Have fun,
        "There is infinite hope, but not for man" - Franz Kafka
         "I belive in the third world war, I belive in the atomic bomb"
- A Celebration

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